robotic, manual tasks. Cold email Turkey Phone Number List outreach is time-consuming. It takes work to do it right, but the results are worth it. It all comes down to how much effort you’re willing to put in. TIP #2: USE DIGITAL PSYCHOLOGY Digital Turkey Phone Number List psychology is the combination of behavioral economics and psychology. Some examples of digital psychology in the subject lines above are: External triggers like call-to-actions that you can Turkey Phone Number List have in your subject line. Internal triggers like FOMO that make your prospect act out of fear of missing an opportunity.

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Loss aversion: people move faster to avoid pain Turkey Phone Number List than to seek pleasure. Use this to get your prospect to act. Rewards: everybody likes rewards and appreciation. It releases dopamine. Flatter your prospect. But don’t overdo it and be Turkey Phone Number List too cheesy. Shameless corruption: bribe people with cakes and other shiny things. TIP #3: ALWAYS A/B TEST Most of the subject lines in the examples above have been A/B tested. It’s easy to get complacent once you have something that’s generating results. There’s always Turkey Phone Number List room for improvement. Testing is the only way to know if you’re improving. Keep it simple. Split-test your subject lines on batches of

Turkey Phone Number List
Turkey Phone Number List

~50 recipients. The image below is a screenshot Turkey Phone Number List from Chris Von Wilpert’s cold subject line split test. Which do you think got a higher open rate? Hint: I used the winning subject line as his contribution in the shock & awe email. screenshot Turkey Phone Number List from Chris Von Wilpert’s cold subject line split test WANT MORE TIPS TO MASTER YOUR COLD OUTREACH GAME? Now you have everything you need to craft an effective cold email subject line and get your recipient to click open. But there’s more to get them to reply: Craft the perfect Turkey Phone Number List email body using these cold email templates. Be persistent with follow-up emails. Before you go, let us know

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