France has a population of around 67 million and, within the EU, ranks just behind Germany in terms of the number of internet users. At the same time, the huge e-commerce growth seen in the UK and US has been considerably slower in France. This means that there is huge potential for companies setting up shop in France, provided they are approached in the right way to market. France is also a beautiful country with a rich culture and in the south of France the climate is fantastic with 300 days of sunshine a year. That’s life! Common mistakes to avoid Do not rely on Google translation if you want your site to be visible in France. First, Google won’t show machine translations in its search results because it treats them as auto-generated spam. Second, while the translation approximates the meaning.

It Lacks the Fluidity and Nuance That Only French Content.

written by a native French speaker can provide. Do not use a .uk or .us domain name. Google displays them higher in their respective countries (the UK and the US) and it will be difficult to rank well with them. It’s best to use an international domain (e.g. .com, .net, or .org) for both languages, with the Spain Phone number French site as a separate fr subdomain or subfolder, or better yet, use a . fr dedicated domain to target the French market. Do not use a CMS (Content Management System) that cannot easily adapt to a multilingual website or that cannot display French accents. There are several open source CMS, like Drupal, WordPress or Prestashop.

Which Can Easily Add Functionality for Different Languages.

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​​without compromising the quality of the website. Don’t use the entire budget for building the website and expect major changes to happen to your business as soon as it goes live; you will also need to link to your site through a French content marketing campaign in order to drive traffic to it and get Google to notice it. Take this opportunity to review your existing website Whether you are a small or a large business.

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