Entrepreneurs officials as well as executives who. South Korea B2B List Want to understand the next phase of the big data. Era need to go further because this is not about privacy but about ownership and control. In recent days Facebook has returned to the eye of the hurricane. Derived from a report by the new York times in which it was reported. About agreements with around 60 companies for the use of personal data as well as third parties. Similarly the Cambridge Analytica scandal .Resulted in mark Zuckerberg appearing before us diplomats and European. Parliamentarians however, active use was intact. As a result, various territories.

Where Fears Have Materialized but the Sale and Ownership

Have tried to regulate the use of data.  South Korea B2B List  Europe seems to be one step ahead with its regulation. However this is not the next step in the big data era. According to alice liogier. A college student researching the commercial use of personal information. She concluded that if individuals truly want to own their data. They should be allowed to sell it. In statements made to bloomberg. Liogier argues that entrepreneurs officials and. Executives who want to understand the next phase of the big data era need to go further. As this is not about privacy but about ownership and control.

The Debate Is Currently Focused on Data Protection and Privacy

North Korea B2B List

Of data is the next big issue and probably the most important one. South Korea B2B List The researcher clarified. In the middle. Consumers worldwide are becoming aware that. Facebook and google are built on data that they gave. Away without any monetary compensation. And it is that the student maintains that the true ownership. Of the data will imply having all the personal information from political ideas. To preferences for one or another product and even medical records.In one place to be able to decide who will be able to access it and under what conditions. This change in the paradigm could mean the possibility of selling the information.

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