text online. Resorting to formal databases Greece Email List will prevent us from using false or non-serious sources. Let’s avoid using generic search engines such as Google, Bing, among others, as these do not always provide information from specialized or Greece Email List scientific media. Who is the author ? It is important to note if the selected source has an author with its own name (in the case of an academic article) or an institutional author (in the case Greece Email List of manuals, reports). The absence of an author is an announcement that the source found is not reliable. Caution: it can be an abstract or a transcript. What is the publication date ? This is useful to verify.

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the formality of the source that we have Greece Email List found. As with the author’s name, the absence of a date can indicate the informality or imprecision of a text; as well as the update of the data provided. Second, we find the textual level, that is, one Greece Email List that adheres to the writing of the source itself. To do this, we can ask ourselves the following questions to consider the formality or informality of a source: How is it written ? A reliable source Greece Email List must be written with academic language, that is, it must not incur colloquialisms (common terms in everyday speech) or imprecise vocabulary (excessive use of the so-called trunk verbs : do, have, give; use.

Greece Email List
Greece Email List

of unclear words, fillers). Is it rigorous in the Greece Email List treatment of the information? An academic text, in turn, must work with different sources of information from which the author prepares an exposition. You should not resort to sources that do not Greece Email List cite other authors (as this would indicate a lack of rigor in the research) or that cite generic documents or web pages. Does it comply with the bibliographic references ? The use of references Greece Email List is necessary for any formal source. If an author has not used bibliographic references at the end of the article, they can exhibit an informal treatment. Likewise, all citations made during the development

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