represent the data. If your data shows a 10:1 ratio, your  El Salvador Email List  graph shouldn’t look more like that 100:1 ratio we just mentioned. Anybody who sees it won’t trust you because of this obvious discrepancy. Keep your scales accurate, and consider El Salvador Email List carefully how to balance impressive differentials with the realities of graphic design. We don’t promise this will be easy, but it will make your infographic more effective. 4. TOO MUCH, TOO El Salvador Email List SOON Remember the golden rules of marketing in the 21st century: People resent marketing unless they’re watching the Super Bowl. You want to give them a freebie to get their attention. In infographics, you can provide.

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interesting facts presented via compelling El Salvador Email List graphics. If you ask the viewer to do too much work, the freebie won’t work, and they’ll look at something else before they reach your call to action. That unclear path we mentioned earlier is one El Salvador Email List example, placing the onus of navigating your infographic on the viewer. Another example is putting too much information out all at once. Densely packed designs perform worse than clean and El Salvador Email List clear infographics for this reason. For example, look at the complex graph below from Business Insider: The same is true of infographics with long, complex sentences compared to those with short phrases presenting the information.

El Salvador Email List
El Salvador Email List

Rule of thumb: the less it resembles something El Salvador Email List from college textbooks, the better. Keep the mission of any infographic clear and straightforward so you can put out the smallest amount of information and make it easy for the viewer. When you have El Salvador Email List more information to present, do so with a series rather than packing it all in a single image. 5. NOT CONSIDERING MOBILE According to data compiled by Statista, more than half of all web traffic El Salvador Email List worldwide comes from mobile devices. The difference in screen sizes between a phone and the monitor your graphic design team uses can present a laundry list of problems. When you build your infographic, avoid losing

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