Now the protagonist was an argentine. Fan who played a “Joke” on a young. Russian woman whom he invited to pronounce. A series of phrases in spanish without. Her knowing the meaning. Among the statements. One stands out with a high sexist meaning. Unfortunately one of the constants during the 2018 world. Cup in russia has been the moral faults and behavioral. Norms on the part of some fans. In social networks. Videos and content are constantly being. Published in which various attendees. Are shown making jokes in bad taste. Or carrying out questionable activities that question. The image of their countries. Now the protagonist was an argentine. Fanatic who tried to play a “Joke” on a young russian. Woman whom he invited to pronounce. A series of phrases in spanish without her knowing their true meaning.

Among the statements.One stands out with a high sexist meaning

And that has been described as an abuse as well. Denmark WhatsApp Numbers  As an offense for russian women. The video that is now running on social. Networks has generated all kinds of rejection. Reactions on social networks. Where both the russian embassy in argentina. As well as its counterpart in the host country. Of the world cup have posted false demands. For respect and a public apology for the fact. For social media users. The issue demands more than just an apology. The demand to collect a fine as well as to expel him from. World cup lands is constant. In this sense a fact draws attention. Some people did not limit their annoyance. To publishing a repudiation message.

There were those who took on the task

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Of investigating the argentine fan through. Digital platforms, who thanks to this information today. Identifies himself asnestor penovi”.47 years old. I am argentina… and this shit embarrasses us.Apply the full rigor of the law… pic.Twitter.Com/cclatlinin– the fact shows that. The de facto anonymity in social networks has disappeared. The amount of information that can be extracted. From these profiles and accounts is so specific that such. Content in the wrong hands can be a powerfully edged weapon. In the same way it is clear that spaces like facebook. Or twitter not only work as a complaint channel for the consumer. But also as an investigation tool that they use with. Increasing precision and level of sophistication.

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