In like manner.Day the inauguration. Of the 2018 russia soccer world cup took. Place at the luzhniki stadium in moscow in which the singer robbie. Williams was in charge of the musical. Act of the opening game ceremony, the interpreter. Will be accompanied by the russian soprano aida. Garifullina and brazilian soccer player. Ronaldo before an audience ofeople prior. To the russia vs. Saudi arabia match.The conversation was present on various. Digital platforms with the hashtag #rusia2018. Generating 199 million 379,862 impressions.According to data from euromericas. Sport marketing. Do you want to start investing.These 9 sectors could be the best option to star.T this is seen as an area of ​​opportunity.

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For apple to promote the use of siri among users and. Therefore a series of new features and functions While the #worldcuprussia2018 ha.  Turkey WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists  D 2 million 991518 in the first minutes. Of the inauguration.For his part, robbie williams generated. 14 million 812,444 impressions during.In like manner. In the first place. His performance.Although according to. A study carried out by kantar world panel. Television with 53 percent will be the main. Means to watch the world cup. Social networks will be a fundamental part .Of the 2018 soccer world cup since 4 out of 10 people. Revealed that they prefer to watch facebook to follow.

The Games on the Way to Work or SchoolWhile Another Alternative Is Yout

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Which is preferred by 3 out of 10 mexicans. Before going to sleep according to the report.However not everything is soccer.Since 61 percent declared that through internet television. They will look for the fun of the world cup. In the first place. According to julio negrete director of accounts at kantar. Stated that “diversification in media and. In like manner. Connectivity plays a very important role in the lives of mexicans. This is reflected very clearly. By incorporating various. Communication channels to. be comprehensively. In the first place. Informed of his favorite sport.

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