towards the abdomen. Thus, we will feel that Czech Republic Email List this area expands. Later, when it expires, this same area will contract, as can be seen in the image. We can repeat this exercise several times until we master this type of breathing. Figure 2. Breathing Czech Republic Email List exercises (Fisiofine) Vocalization Vocalization is regulated by the movement of the facial muscles, particularly those related to the oral cavity, at the moment of emitting the voice. Czech Republic Email List This oral resource is important, as it will allow the audience to understand the words spoken in the speech. It should be understood that the oral cavity functions as a sounding board. This will vary in shape according.

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to the movements of our facial muscles. These Czech Republic Email List will promote a change in the position of our cheeks, palate, tongue and teeth. Therefore, the sound we emit will also be different if we open, close or purse our mouths. Now, there are Czech Republic Email List some exercises that can be done before starting a presentation or speech and that will allow to warm up the facial muscles. With this, a more fluid modulation of the movement of this Czech Republic Email List area is achieved. In the first place, we can “smile exaggeratedly so that we stretch our facial muscles backwards, and then close our lips forward as if making a u, stretching our muscles forward as much as we ca.

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“we can open our mouth and stretch our Czech Republic Email List facial muscles to relax the area where our voice will come out” (Estrada 2019: 13). All these exercises help to strengthen areas that are not usually trained. Intonation Figure 3. Public oral speech Czech Republic Email List (from mentatdgt on Pixels) It is also important to take care of intonation. There is no doubt that, in orality, there is not just one uniform tone. When you are happy, you tend to speak Czech Republic Email List with encouragement and impetus. The tone of the voice is mainly high and varies constantly. When one is sad, on the other hand, the tone decreases and remains low. So it is with the various emotions that are.

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