Billion and 800 million monthly active users respectively. It is considered a social network of great importance. Especially for those firms that belong to the b2b segment. According to information from a study referred to ironpaper.With 78 percent it is considered the most effectiv. Platform for the distribution of business to business. Marketing efforts,even the social network. Itself indicates that it contributes 50 percent of social. Traffic to sites and blogs of companies in the sector. Due to its relevance if you find yourself working for a b2b company. We share with you 4 social network actions.

Socialreport to improve the reach

Of the firm in this social network. Solves problems this first recommendation. Is related to the content you create for linkedin. Chile WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists And for social networks in general. The idea is that you should work on pieces. That help your followers and contacts to solve. Their problems.For example, you can demonstrate the expertise of your business through tutorials. Publications with tips and tricks. Among other options. Share it is not only important that the content. You develop is relevant you must also make it reach the places where. It will be even more so. In this case the recommendation is to take. Advantage of linkedin groups to share your content. Try not to fall into spam. Reach the places (groups) with appropriate. Topics and stick to the guidelines of each of these spaces.

Use the video the (native) videos on linkedin

Chile WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists

Are a format that can be considered as new these.As in other social networks. Are effective to present the. Content as they drive engagement and social shares. Or recommendations to reach more people within the platform. Againdo not forget to work on developing. Content that is relevant to experience better results. Get off the platform the last recommendation. As the point indicates is to leave linkedin. The idea behind this is to take. Your content to other placessuch as the website.Blog or other social networks, to increase visibility and presence. Whether through embedding posts or sharing them in other spaces. These actions also allow you to drive traffic to linkedin. And this is convenient for connecting with more people.

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