Brenda, or to everyone who works at a particular Saint Lucia Email List company. The problem is that a lot of these standard targeting solutions on Facebook or LinkedIn allow you to target only generic audiences. For instance, you can search for “IT professionals Saint Lucia Email List who work at companies with 1000-5000 employees, in the Boston metropolitan area.” As far as targeting goes, this leaves a lot to be desired. LinkedIn, a leading lead-generation platform, often Saint Lucia Email List returns results that you don’t want, whether it’s leads who live abroad, have transitioned jobs recently, or are not in a position to make purchasing decisions. Primer’s value proposition.

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is that they solve the problem of building a Saint Lucia Email List better targeted list for prospecting. Their software then enables their customers to serve ads across platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. OUR HYPOTHESIS Our basic hypothesis was that Saint Lucia Email List customers “in pain” are much more receptive to solutions tailored specifically to solving their pain, as opposed to the more vague, persona-based marketing campaign approach. We also Saint Lucia Email List believed that we could find data that indicates a potential prospect in pain. We did this manually, and once we created the workflow, outsourced the research tasks to a virtual assistant. To identify potential customers.

Saint Lucia Email List
Saint Lucia Email List

for Primer, we needed a set of criteria to Saint Lucia Email List qualify them. In other words, we needed to come up with indicators that signaled them as having a “pain” (ineffective advertising) that Primer could solve. Here are two easily repeatable methods Saint Lucia Email List we used to find qualified leads by pain. PART ONE: QUANTIFYING PAIN BY DISPLAY ADS In working with Primer, we first needed to quantify potential customers for them that are “in pain.” “In pain” can be defined as having a quantifiable problem that has a real dollar cost. Often, companies are Saint Lucia Email List not aware of their main pain, and usually, a company has numerous pain points. Solving a company’s main pain.

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