Shoppers no longer rely on local stores to meet their needs.In the first place.  Sri Lanka B2B List Through the internet they browse.In the first place.  As a matter of fact. Research and buy online. The new purchasing habits of consumers. Have forced companies to modify the way in which the.Y relate to their customers. As the market has evolved, the purchase. Decision of that same customer. Has become a little more complex. According to juan carlos ochoa director of big data and analytics. At blacksmith research. Omnichannel strategies must take into account something essential.That the user is already omnichannel”. “The commitment or challenge that all marketers. Have is that they have to begin to understand what the user is expecting.

Their Strategy Said the Executive in an Interview

Through the internet they browse research and buy online.  Sri Lanka B2B List   Consumers today have multiple options to contact their brands. They can choose to look for them or acquire them in a traditional way. In physical stores or incorporate digital. In the first place. Devices into their process. It is about establishing a consistent communication. With the client through any of the different channels. That they decide to use to interact with the company. As a matter of fact. Diversifying between the online and offline segments. The main objective is to offer the customer a consistent .Experience that provides the same level of service at any point of contact.

With Merca Shoppers No Longer Rely on Local Stores to Meet

Sri Lanka B2B List

To learn more about omnichannel strategy.In the first place. Sri Lanka B2B List  With juan carlos ochoa, we invite you to the trade & shopper marketing. Summit on june 28 and 29, in mexico city.According to data reported. By social media today, influencer marketing continues to grow. In the first place.  With such attractive figures. It is not surprising why more and more people want to become influencers or why in countries. Like the united states according to data from the influencer marketing hub. Up to 39 percent of those involved. As a matter of fact. In marketing intend to increase their budgets for this task.

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