to a CTA or form. Starbucks cleverly does French Polynesia Email List this by using a star point as a directional arrow: Starbucks CTA/form click Using photos of people looking toward your CTA is another way to achieve the same effect. Here’s how Thinkific does it on their homepage: Thinkific But images aren’t the only visually persuasive elements you French Polynesia Email List can add to your messaging. USE COLORS TO INFLUENCE BEHAVIOR Color psychology is another powerful tool in the marketer’s toolkit. And it has a tremendous influence on the emotional French Polynesia Email List l processes that drive your readers’ decisions. People tend to assume color influences emotion in a one-size.

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fits-all manner. Red causes stress. Blue causes French Polynesia Email List relaxation. And so on. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Colors influence people emotionally in different ways. To understand how color will influence your readers, you need to French Polynesia Email List understand your audience. For example, your readers’ cultural background will have a big impact on the color decisions that make the most sense. Some emotions are associated with the French Polynesia Email List same color across many different cultures, like the connection of red with passion. Others have very different color associations from one culture to another. Colours In Culture Source Gender can also play a powerful role in

French Polynesia Email List
French Polynesia Email List

shaping emotional responses to color. In general, French Polynesia Email List men tend to prefer bright tones, while women often prefer softer hues.[*] There are no hard-and-fast rules with color psychology, since colors can elicit very different responses in different French Polynesia Email List readers. Take time to understand your target audience carefully before you choose your color scheme. CHOOSE THE RIGHT TYPEFACES Like your images and color palette, your French Polynesia Email List font choice helps create the visual atmosphere of your website. And the effect isn’t just aesthetic. It has a meaningful

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