The essential when designing your flyer, to put your logo, your name, the address of your company or shop, as well as contact information. If you promote your store, don’t forget to put the opening and closing times. – The general visual. The end-of-year celebrations are one of the magical and magical moments. For this occasion, we advise you to follow the basic rules mentioned above while adding a touch of fantasy. For the occasion, do not hesitate to think outside the box to offer a more attractive and warm visual while being in line with your message. Depending on the product or service you want to promote, you can afford to be more original. Children’s toys: a childish font and bright colors will be appreciated by this target.

It is essential to prepare your

We therefore advise you to follow the basic rules for creating a successful flyer, namely Define your target with precision – Pass only one or even two maximum messages in your flyer – Use a catchy title and a sales text – Pay attention to the layout and general design of your flyer – Choose good Philippines Photo Editor quality paper – Pay attention to grammar, spelling, conjugation and syntax. Here are the basic rules. Especially for Christmas, you can add a little touch of originality to “mark the occasion. Add tips and directions for your customers. Example Highlight the strengths of your business: fast delivery, guaranteed delivery before Christmas, attractive prices, quality of your products, etc.

Hesitate for this occasion to choose bright colors

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Harmony with Christmas and bringing out the exceptional side of this holiday. You now have the cards in hand to create attractive flyers for the end of the year celebrations and increase your turnover. If you do not really know how to go about it, our team of professional graphic designers DM Databases will be happy to guide you in the creation of your flyers and other advertising media. The difference between the brand and the logo? 2 years ago 10276 Facebook Twitter WhatsApp E-mail More options. It should be understood that the logo and the brand are two very different things. The logo is defined rather as a symbol representing the brand. Basically, they can each be defined in this way: – The brand is the commercial name of a product/service.

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