How to improve the security of an android device security tips for android devices next, we will give you a series of rules that will help you keep your devices safe software updates as we have seen before, it is important to keep the device updated, not only the operating system, but also all the applications that are installed on our device. An outdated vulnerability may be enough to compromise the security of your device. Beware of unreliable sources android devices, by default, do not allow the installation of packages that do not come from trusted sources, this is done because google has package marking and application verification tools that allow a very high percentage of vulnerabilities to be detected automatically, and that it also verifies that. The integrity of the packages is not compromised in any part of the publication process.

Check App Permissions

If they disable that option. They will be able to install packages downloaded from other sites, but they will lose all. The security provided by googles code verification, and they will also have to perform the updates manually. Check app permissions a large percentage of androids security Real Estate Photo Editing comes from the permissions system, applications need permission to access the operating systems features, in the first versions of android these permissions were not configurable, or you agreed to grant all the necessary permissions to the application or the application did not install. In later versions more granularity was introduced, applications are installed and. Once they need to access resources for the first time they request permission.

Software Updates

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Users have a tendency to grant permission without taking a hard look at what permissions are. Being requested and what those permissions are being requested for. It is important that you review the permissions you grant to applications, applications that are not used users many times install DM Databases apps and later stop using them, if the device does not have storage shortage problem or if the app does not show notifications, it is common for many users to leave them installed on the device. They must remember that any installed application is susceptible to security problems or vulnerabilities. So removing unused applications will increase the security of the device.

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