subtitles with Sked is that you can use your computer instead of your phone. Even better, you can use your favorite word processor (Word, Docs, etc.) to write the title, then copy-paste it into the title box when you create your post (see below). Long captions on Instagram use class schedule caption 1 You can also add hashtags and emojis to the title and first comment. To try it out, log in to your account (or sign up for a free trial). You’ll find it a lot easier than trying to use a smartphone. Pro tip: You can now use Sked to tag people, products, and locations in your posts. In fact, it has been proven that hashtag engagement increases by nearly 30% when done correctly.

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You can find more information on tagging posts with Sked here. Use long-form gallery posts as mini-magazines Multiple image galleries Instagram posts allow users to swipe through a series of images while reading captioned Japan Phone Number content, a great way to back up your long articles with more visual stimulation. Consider these posts, you might include a multi-panel photo story in your magazine article. Does a five-image post actually increase the appeal of the writing and allow you to support the writing more? If so, go for it! Numbering images in gallery posts can also.



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Be very useful, regardless of whether you’re doing this in title copy. “This new collection is full of vibrant colors (pic 2) and is super versatile for mobile moms (see pic 3!) or the image itself. Be sure to have galleries showing every point or step in the process to support Listicle or subtitles for long reading instructions. Remember to remind users to swipe in the gallery as they move around! One of the easiest ways to create a gallery/carousel post is to use Sked. Just open your Sked account and navigate to the “Upload Posts” dashboard, then select the desired account.

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