CSS and JavaScript in the popup body. So if you Chad Email List are a power user, Ice gram’s lack of themes shouldn’t bother you. For people looking for a quick, ready made theme, Ninja Popups certainly has an upper hand. Ninja Popup Themes Great Chad Email List collection of themes in Ninja Popup Ice gram Popups themes Ice gram Popups themes Ninja Popups and Ice gram both have themes that are responsive. Responsiveness – Ice gram Ice gram Chad Email List even allows targeting popups by device… Styling – Minimalist or Extravagant? Ninja popups is loaded with styling options. You can select the color of your header, the button, the background, the text etc.

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(Caution: People with shorter tolerance level Chad Email List could be annoyed!!) Color Customization – Ninja Popups Color Customization – Ninja Popups More Color Customization – Ninja Popups More Color Customization – Ninja Popups More choices, the Chad Email List more confusion! So Ice gram will be a treat for guys who love simplicity. It gives you basic options for styling – background color and text color. The rest of the styling is in themes. This makes it much Chad Email List quicker. Color Customization -Ice gram Color Customization -Ice gram If you know CSS, you can fully customize Ice gram messages by adding CSS to the popup body itself – Ice gram’s WordPress.

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editor supports adding custom CSS and JS. Download Chad Email List Ice gram Overlays Ninja Popups allows you to set the opacity percentage and also a image if required. Ice gram doesn’t provide any overlay related features. Close button customization Chad Email List Ninja Popups allows you to customize how the close button looks. Ice gram does not have this option. Targeting & Scheduling Rules – Deciding the duration of your campaign Both plugins allow you Chad Email List to target your popups on particular pages or posts. Ice gram allows targeting by users and devices also – which can be very useful. Ice gram puts popups (and other messages) together in a.

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