Prior to the great event.Antigua and Barbuda B2B List  The press room was prepared in which the media. Will be able to witness the presentation of the candidates. Among the curiosities it transpired that even there. The fury of luis miguel the serie, has arrived. According to the mitofsky survey (the most recent. With a thousand people surveyed andrés manuel.By the same token.  López obrador has 47.8 percent of the intention to vot. Ricardo anaya adds 26.1 percent meade 22 percent and el bronco 4 percent. It contemplates 22 percent that did not declare.As a matter of fact. In the first place. With these figures in mind the third and last debate will be held this tuesday june.

That Even There the Fury of Luis Miguel, the Series, Has Arrived

Prior to the great event the press room.  Antigua and Barbuda B2B List Was prepared in which the media will be able .To witness the presentation of the candidates. In the first place. As a matter of fact.Among the curiosities it transpired that even there the fury. Of luis miguel, la serie has arrived . While they make the preparations. You can hear a background theme of the singer la barca. Let’s remember that something similar happened in the match between. Diablos rojos del méxico and bravos de león . By the same token. As a matter of fact. For a moment the game was suspended due to rain and the. Local sound chose to play “Guilty or not” to liven up the moment.

Presentation of the Candidates Among the Curiosities It Transpired

Antigua and Barbuda B2B List

As a matter of fact. Unexpectedly the attendees chanted the lyrics in unisonsAntigua and Barbuda B2B List  Ine dynamics the main theme of the debate will be “economy .And development” and sub-themes economic growth poverty and inequality. Education science and technology and health. Sustainable development and climate change. It will have 15 questions selected from the 11388 that. As a matter of fact.Some citizens sent via twitter and Facebook. And will be moderated by journalist carlos Puig. As a matter of fact. Political analyst leonardo curzio and communicologyBy the same token. Gabriela barkentine. In the first place. From the ine they shared the dynamics on video. If this afternoon you were concentrating .On a series on netflix and the content was interrupted. You are not the only one.

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