angle to make the sale. Or reconnect with the client Macau Email List to cross-sell and upsell similar products. DELIVER A SALES DEMO Conduct a demo to understand the lead’s motivations and struggles, and show how your product relates to their Macau Email List business. TRACKING Keep tabs on contacts and deals in a CRM tool. For instance, in Ringblaze, sales teams can see their assigned calls and the current status of ongoing deals and identify which task has Macau Email List the biggest impact on revenue. Ringblaze DIFFERENCE #4: SIZE OF CUSTOMER BASE Another major difference between marketing and sales is the size of your customer base. Remember the

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marketing and sales funnel we revisited Macau Email List above? In the top of the funnel, we see that marketing targets a larger audience. As we move further down, it becomes narrower — the number of leads that the sales team target becomes Macau Email List smaller. Let’s explore how this looks in a real-world scenario. Picture it: You’re a marketer using Facebook Ads to promote a lead magnet for an accounting firm (e.g., tax prep checklist). You set up a Macau Email List campaign and upload an email list (aka your best customers) and create a Lookalike Audience.[*] Email list set up – Lookalike Audience. ToFu: Let’s say you promote your ad in front of 1,000 prospects. After your

Macau Email List
Macau Email List

campaign ends, you attract 121 leads. MoFu: Next, Macau Email List seven of these 121 leads fill in the contact form on your website for a short discovery call. The sales team speaks to them one-on-one. BoFu: Three of these leads end up becoming paid clients. See Macau Email List what just happened? When you promote your lead magnet on Facebook Ads, you attract dozens of prospects and convert them to leads. That’s marketing. When you speak to your newly Macau Email List acquired leads individually and convert them to clients? That’s sales. There are cases where sales targets more than one person — like this sales page by Gemma Bonham Carter.[*] Gemma Bonham Carter

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