more? Check out 87 of the best email subject lines in Portugal Phone Number List this post. If you’re following up on a previously sent email, the best approach is to reply to the initial email. FOLLOW-UP EMAIL TEMPLATES As you can tell, I’m a huge believer Portugal Phone Number List in the power of a quality follow-up email to help you achieve your goals. Plus, I also understand how daunting it can be to actually write an email and hit the send button. To give you a Portugal Phone Number List hand getting your next follow-up email out of the drafts and into the inbox of your prospect, I’ve created a simple template you can use. Instead of a message you can copy and paste, this is a map to help guide you in the right direction — I believe.

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the best follow-up emails are Portugal Phone Number List personal, so a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work too well. Note: If you want word-by-word follow-up email samples, we have a post on the follow-up emails used by the Sumo Growth team to get more Portugal Phone Number List replies. The template is split into five sections: Opener Context Proof Action Closer Follow-Up Email: Screenshot of Sumo email follow-up email template 1. Opener: Open your email in Portugal Phone Number List a friendly, welcoming way using words like: Hey / Howdy / Hi / Heya / Okay [First name] Example: Hey Samantha 2. Context: State why you’re reaching out, use specific details to give more information about your relationship with the recipient:


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Example: Just finished your latest YouTube video on Portugal Phone Number List how you approach content marketing at Company Name. Loved it! I reached out a few days about a freelance writing opportunity I saw you tweet about. 3. Proof: Let the recipient know why they Portugal Phone Number List should care about you / your business and prove you can solve a specific problem for them. [Data / info to qualify your work] + [social proof] Example: I helped to grow Example Company’s web Portugal Phone Number List traffic from 10k per month to 400k and my work has been featured by Adobe, TechCrunch, and Fast Company. 4. Action: Make it clear what you’d like the recipient to do at

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