follow the steps explained above to properly Jordan Email Address organize the information. Finally, the full text of the described example is presented. Example 1 Within the field of mental health, although different psychological and pharmacological treatments Jordan Email Address deal with mental ailments such as depression and anxiety with notable success, few interventions can help patients diagnosed with borderline personality disorder or BPD (Bateman and Fonagy 2004: 40). This is a problem that should be investigated further, as it negatively Jordan Email Address affects the lives of many patients. People with borderline disorder have difficulty managing their emotions, have self-image.

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problems, and feel an irrational fear of Jordan Email Address abandonment and loneliness (Cuevas and Lopez 2012: 98). In addition, BPD represents a difficulty for specialists, who did not find significant advances in the treatment of this ailment until a few Jordan Email Address decades ago. Even Otto Kernberg, Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a mental and behavioral disorder. The difficulty related to treating this disease is that the problem to be solved is not reduced to a specific symptom, but encompasses the entire personality of an individual: diagnosed Jordan Email Address people have only a blurred intuition about their identity; that is to say, they ignore, to a great extent and often, what.

Jordan Email Address
Jordan Email Address

they feel and even what they think. This Jordan Email Address leads them to desperate acts to get the impression that they somehow exist; for example, they injure themselves or verbally abuse their family and friends (Bateman and Fonagy 2004: 100). It is not clear Jordan Email Address how the identity dilution of these patients originates, but Peter Fonagy argues that, probably, It is due to genetic factors and a childhood in which individuals did not have parents or caregivers Jordan Email Address who could recognize and validate, to a sufficient extent, their psychic experiences, that is, their feelings and ideas. As a result, children fail to have a coherent image of themselves, but only fragmentary

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