discursive temporality links together with Costa Rica Email List certain verbal structures will shape the information with a notion of sequentially for the reader. In the following examples, bold and italics have been used to emphasize the point. Example 1. The Costa Rica Email List phases of writing (text adapted from Getty and Wiess) The writing of a coherent text requires, in an essential way, an intellectual process composed of several phases or stages. The first one is intellection. This consists of the fixation and knowledge of the subject to be written . The Costa Rica Email List second is invention. This phase is characterized by the gathering of propositions or ideas related to the subject.

Then, We Move The Information To The Paragraph

layout. In this, the logical ordering of the Costa Rica Email List aforementioned propositions is emphasized. Finally , the final stage corresponds to elocution. This involves and completely encompasses the linguistic elaboration of the text. Example 2. The Battery Costa Rica Email List Management System (BMS) configuration (text adapted from Scoot) Before and during the Formula Student 2017 competition, the behavior of the battery could be verified and analyzed. However, before that, your system setup was done. First , the cell voltage was set . This value is Costa Rica Email List used by the BMS to calculate the SOC and SOH of the battery. Then , he selected the type and number of cells.

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In our case, only one cell was chosen. Then it Costa Rica Email List was performed enabling current sensors both charger as auxiliary carrying the high voltage battery inside. Parallel to this step , both sensors were waxed . then , voltage and current values Costa Rica Email List were programmed during charging and discharging. If the battery is not operating within these values, the BMS remains in failure mode until the problem is resolved. The next action carried out Costa Rica Email List was the structuring of the balancing of the cells with a voltage equal to or with a minimum difference between them of 50 mV. Finally , it was verified that the BMS communication values ​​were those established.

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