Portugal and morocco lived their second game in the group stage. In which the squad led by cristiano ronaldo won the victory. Not only beating morocco. But also leaving them with no chance of going through. To the next round. Within the framework of the seventh day of activities. In the soccer world cup. Portugal and morocco experienced their second. Match in the group stage in which the squad led by cristiano. Ronaldo achieved victory .Not only beating morocco.But also leaving it without chances of going to the next round.

A goal in the first minutes of the match

Marked the end of morocco’s history in russia 2018.  Buy Honduras WhatsApp Numbers  A fact that did not go unnoticed on social network.S and quickly positioned the nation. As a trending topic worldwide. According to the tweetreach. Measurement too, the term “morocco” has generated. A total of 36 million 319 thousand 227 impression.S on twitter with 23 million 236 thousand 692 accounts reached. Although an important part of the .Interactions mentions the triumph of the portuguese team. The truth is that the moroccan team is the winner in this. Arena, with most of the positions within. The conversation acknowledging the role that the team. Played within the field of game and assuming that he. Did not deserve to be the first eliminated from the world cup.

The conversation has made the

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Morocco” brand grow in such a way that cristiano. Ronaldo does not have the expected focus. Of attention even though he was the player. Responsible for the victory. The brand that wins. In the market is not always the one that generates. A true relationship with its audiences. The challenge is to turn that commitment. And empathy into a strength of the business and growth. Of the firm. Morocco will have to wait. At least four more years to test itself again. In this field and capitalize on what has now. Even with the defeat achieved its mark.

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