depend on the selection of words chosen French Email List and their combinations) a context of ambiguity is established . However, for the statement to be understood, the elements that intervene in the communication, sender and receiver, must not French Email List only handle the same code, that is, the same language, dialect or register, but “that it is essential to have knowledge related to the attitudes, values, and situations in which the speakers of a language French Email List can be immersed” (Fajardo 2013: 170). For example, when reading the comic Mafalda , the reader must recognize that the statements are issued in figurative codes. In other words, the interpretation of.

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“putting your feet on the ground” is far from the French Email List literal meaning, “stepping on the ground”, to be assumed as “a return to reality.” This play on words, which corresponds to the creativity of language, is used in everyday use to express an attractive French Email List and unique message. Now, in what type of texts is this discourse used? Probably, not a French Email List few people would answer that the poetic function of language belongs, above all, to literary genres , that is, to poetry, theater and narrative. This statement is not false; on the contrary, it is easy to illustrate: the stories La metamorfosis by Franz Kafka and Letter to a young lady in Paris by Julio Cortázar.

French Email List
French Email List

are structured around metaphors. In The French Email List Metamorphosis, Gregor Samsa becomes a monstrous insect and, since its publication in 1916, readers of Kafka have been wondering and conjecturing about the meaning of this transformation. For French Email List example, some critics have interpreted it as a sign of the oppressed and alienated individual by the demands of patriarchy and capitalism, social systems that produce monstrous insects . In Letter French Email List to a Mademoiselle de Paris , the narrator secretly and uncontrollably vomits bunnies. Generally, that ominous impulse has been deciphered as a symbol of the madness that surreptitiously invades the psyche.

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