A certain list of songs (we return to those alliances with record companies.Tunisia B2B List  According to the social network among the tracks that users can play with are. From classics (for millennials and xenias) like “Welcome to the jungle. By guns n roses. To more recent hits generation z and t like “Havana .By Camila Cabell happier by ed Sheeran or “god’s plan by drake. The function is easy to use. Apparently the lip sync live option will appear when you start. A live streaming. To be able to select a song from the list. Of options (no further details have been given. And customize the video with masks and background. More music in stories a few weeks ago we talked about.

Which Many Specialists Are Comparing With Musical

Fb testing musical stickers in stories.  Tunisia B2B List And apparently this would be the next step for the ‘main’ social network. According to hryvna the company is exploring more ways. To bring music to Facebook and in the coming months. We’ll begin testing options for adding music to stories. These new features would fit perfectly with fakebook’s strategy of promoting the creation of content made by users themselves, original content that in turn stimulates greater interaction. And video is one of its main objectives. Currently the social network is one of the main channels. In which brands invest in advertising; only during the first quarter. Of this year it reported revenues of 11 thousand 795 million dollars for this concept. However it must continue to evolve to recapture the attention of users particularly.

Dub smash Since It Allows Users to Lip-synchronize

Tunisia B2B List

The younger generations and in tur advertisers.Tunisia B2B List  Relevance and importance in their marketing actions. In this way according to Gutman the algorithm is based on. Three fundamental aspects to determine the order. Of appearance of the contents interest the application. Takes into account the content that has previously caught the attention of each user. Using machine learning systems. The algorithm evaluates the current content to identify topics that are of interest to the user in question and prioritize those posts. Interaction. This aspect considers how much a user interacts with another. Where past interactions are considered.In the first place. The content of those people who have received. The most likes from the user in question will.

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