Audiences Campaign Targeting Remember: It’s Pakistan Phone Number List still important to get the fundamentals and the key metrics like your website conversion rate and ROAS right before you look into the engagement. It’s only worth optimizing when you Pakistan Phone Number List have a working product, landing page, and conversion ads. 5. TESTING, TESTING, AND MORE TESTING Testing is the most important part of running any paid marketing campaign. If you’re on a small budget, you have to plan out your tests and make sure they’re actually Pakistan Phone Number List worth testing. On smaller budgets, testing takes a lot longer, so think about your test and evaluate whether the results will really make

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a difference. With a smaller budget, focus Pakistan Phone Number List on testing things like: Ad placements. Facebook news feed, Instagram feed, right column, etc. Targeting. Interests, remarketing, lookalike audiences, etc. Type of media. Image Pakistan Phone Number List vs. video. Type of creatives. Image with people using your product vs. image with only your product showcase. On a larger budget, you could test different variations, since you have the Pakistan Phone Number List time and resources. People might respond better to blue text on Instagram and yellow on Facebook. You can do this in a regular campaign, set up a split test, or set up a dynamic ad. Here’s how Appium uses the dynamic ad to test two

Pakistan Phone Number List
Pakistan Phone Number List

different ad creatives. Appium Ad image Pakistan Phone Number List creative So think about your test and ask yourself a few questions. Do I already have information (that makes a test unnecessary)? Think Google Analytics, store/purchase data, etc. Will the Pakistan Phone Number List results of this test have a large impact (e.g., a pricing or offer test will have a much larger impact on revenue than a color test)? Can I afford to run this test for 2-3 weeks to collect enough data (100 clicks)? Do I have a large enough dataset to draw a definite conclusion? Don’t make decisions Pakistan Phone Number List based on a “lucky” conversion in three hours. Answering them honestly can help you run better

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