week.” What makes this email subscription Tuvalu Email Database confirmation so great, apart from being from Tim Ferriss? Right off the bat, Tim establishes who his brand is for (people interested in lifestyle design) and the tone of voice. He makes Tuvalu Email Database it clear what type of content subscribers will receive and how often they should expect it. Confirmation email from Tim Ferris Since you’ve already taken the action to subscribe, Tim encourages Tuvalu Email Database you to do more and provides links to free bonus content. The freebies here are key. You don’t want to get all sales-y and try to upsell your prospect as soon as they subscribe. Tim Ferris In the section below the fold.

The Benefits Of High Rep Training For The Bodybuilder

Tim signs off with a P.S. and asks subscribers Tuvalu Email Database to follow him on social. He also smartly uses social proof and mentions his notable Twitter following (1.6M+). In the P.P.S., Tim includes more social proof and mentions his 500M+ podcast Tuvalu Email Database downloads, its #1 Apple Podcasts ranking, and the famous and wide-ranging guests he’s hosted to elevate his brand. Tim Ferris Key Takeaways: Reinforce your brand image and what Tuvalu Email Database your subscribers should expect. Guide your readers to your other resources, without selling them anything. Use social proof to build credibility . 2. NOAH KAGAN’S SPICY OKDORK NEWSLETTER Chief Sumo’s Odor

Tuvalu Email Database
Tuvalu Email Database

isn’t one of the most popular newsletters out there, Tuvalu Email Database but it is one of the most valuable resources for marketers, entrepreneurs, and taco connoisseurs. Email subscribe page After entering their email, the visitor receives a confirmation email and is Tuvalu Email Database redirected to a landing page (shown below). They can access the resource right away, without the friction of checking their email for the link. Odor confirmation email and newsletter landing Tuvalu Email Database page The landing page and confirmation email design of Odor’s newsletter is minimalistic. Short, concise, and pure text. This works great because it doesn’t overwhelm the subscriber.

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