provided by your email sending Andorra Email List partner. Tip: How to Code HTML Email Newsletters Send a plain text version if you are sending HTML emails An email that consists of all HTML or all images and links will trip a spam alarm. Spam Andorra Email List filters like to see a plain text alternative. This a good practice for avoiding a spam filter as it also covers in the case where the recipient cannot view HTML emails. Have a genuine email list Whitelist Andorra Email List Whitelist Ask people to whitelist you The first step is to check if your email server is on a blacklist. If it is, it becomes extremely difficult to reliably send email, especially to new people on your lists.

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Following are a few free services Andorra Email List to check: Free Email Blacklist Lookup Email Blacklist Check Spam Database Lookup The second step is to ask your subscribers to add your email address to their contacts/address list. It is a foolproof way to Andorra Email List save all your future emails from the constraints of the spam filters. Clean your email list before sending According to Marketing Sherpa, the average email list depreciates by 25% every year. Cleaning Andorra Email List your list regularly, say every three months, is a good way to drop non-responsive subscribers (including old & invalid email addresses) from your list.

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It can result in a high number of bounces Andorra Email List which will ultimately trigger a lot of spam complaints against you and destroy your send credibility. Following are a few services that you can use to Data Validation Never Bounce Break large lists Andorra Email List down If you’re sending to a large list, even if you have a fast and efficient email sending server, have the server “drip” the messages out slowly. Breaking down the email list will mean that the Andorra Email List spam complaints that you receive when you send your email won’t be in one huge mass. Inevitably, even loyal subscribers sometimes mark.

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