above to brainstorm ideas). Create a free Typeform account Taiwan WhatsApp Number List or use a Google Form (they both work great). Add the questions with choices to your survey. You can choose from multiple choice, short text, long-form text, etc.. Screenshot of Google Taiwan WhatsApp Number List Form Copy the URL for the survey. Write up an email to send to your list and include the URL for your audience to take the survey. Wait for the results and review! Here’s an example survey email you might send to your list: Hey, [name]… I need your help. You see, we’re trying to [mission Taiwan WhatsApp Number List, such as teach a million people make $100 through Facebook ads]. But we can’t do that without you! We want to make sure our

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[content/product] is the best it can be. To do that, we Taiwan WhatsApp Number List need you to tell us what you need so we can provide it. Please take 60 seconds to fill out this ultra-quick survey and help us send you better [content/product]: URL Thanks so much! Keep Taiwan WhatsApp Number List crushing it, [Name] The survey might then have questions like: What struggles are you having with Facebook Ads? (Long-form answer) Which part of the advertising process are you most stuck on? (Multiple choice) How many emails would you like to receive every week? (Multiple choice) Is there anything

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else you’d like us to know? (Long-form answer) Taiwan WhatsApp Number List Easy-peasy! How to outsource your newsletter Let’s say you’re not too keen on writing newsletters every week. Is it possible to hire someone else to do it for you? If so, how? It is, and you have Taiwan WhatsApp Number List plenty of options: Hire someone from a freelance site like FreeeUp, Fiverr, or UpWork. Hire someone locally or someone you know and train them to do it. Hire an agency that specializes in email marketing. The first two options are cheaper but time-consuming. The third option takes virtually no time Taiwan WhatsApp Number List at all, but can be extremely expensive. If you opt to hire someone as your virtual assistant or newsletter writer, here are a few tips to help smooth out the process: Try to find people with raving reviews. Testimonials speak a

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