characteristics or the causes of the subject Haiti Email List dealt with in the source. Likewise, the effects of corruption are mentioned without any description. Finally, regarding the proposed solutions, it is not specified what they are or how they can be Haiti Email List assumed as alternatives that allow the fight against corruption. This is because a summary has not been presented, but a “collage of ideas”, while only one idea after another has been placed without Haiti Email List explaining any. Therefore, this text would be inappropriate, since it does not synthesize the central ideas or explain them briefly. A more appropriate reading proposal is presented below. Version 2 In.

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this source, Montoya addresses the problem of Haiti Email List corruption in Peru. This can be understood from two perspectives, one of which conceives it as a collective environment and a deeply rooted practice. Therefore, the author focuses on this Haiti Email List perspective and intends to present the characteristics, causes and effects of corruption, as well as the strategies to combat said act. Regarding corruption, first, it lists its characteristics, which are the link Haiti Email List established between organized crime and the state administrative sector, the difficult monitoring of modes of financial operation that constitute a refuge for illicit activities, and its transnational.

Haiti Email List
Haiti Email List

expansion. Then, it is indicated that one of the Haiti Email List most important causes is the great concentration of power in the public administration, which is generated due to the establishment of an authoritarian government that only seeks to Haiti Email List safeguard its interests. This also responds to an instrumental vision of the State that is present within the civil service. Then, it lists the effects, which may be political, such as the consolidation of an ineffective Haiti Email List bureaucratic system; economic, such as the misappropriation of resources; and social, such as the distrust of state institutions on the part of the citizenry. Finally, it mentions the strategies to reduce

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