the essential aspects of the content of Guyana Email List a text (2007: 15). Thus, it will be possible to avoid the elaboration of a summary as a collage of ideas. This constitutes one of the most common mistakes in the formulation of a summary: it involves Guyana Email List placing sentences extracted from the text, but without an adequate organization or development behind it. In order to exemplify what has been mentioned in the previous paragraphs, two proposals for Guyana Email List reading two different articles will be presented. This, in addition, will allow to establish a clearer difference between a “collage of ideas” and a summary. Text “On corruption in.

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Peru. Some notes on its characteristics Guyana Email List, causes, consequences and strategies to face it ”. Pages: Center for Studies and Publications . Lima, volume 32, number 205, pp. 32-45. Version 1 In this text, the author addresses the Guyana Email List characteristics, causes, consequences and strategies to confront corruption in Peru. First, there is evidence of a connection between organized crime and public administration. Second, it was noted that the advancement of technology allows new covert forms of corruption. Finally, the phenomenon of Guyana Email List globalization produced a type of transnational corruption, which harmed society in terms of its ethical values.

Guyana Email List
Guyana Email List

The effects are the political instability of the Guyana Email List State and an attack on its confidence. For this reason, the author proposes strategies for an effective and democratic fight against corruption. Montoya’s conclusions suggest the establishment t of a code of Guyana Email List ethics for the public function; thus, the idea of ​​the morality of the State is appealed to as a supra-individual institution in search of a common good. When reviewing this Guyana Email List proposal, it can be seen that the central ideas are not explained in a timely manner. For example, from the second sentence, three ideas are listed at the beginning without specifying whether they are the

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