There are no commenting Summarize: beyond Grenada Email List copy and paste Seen: 587 times During academic and professional life, various bibliographic sources are used, such as books, theses, articles, among others. This research process can be Grenada Email List complex in that it involves dealing with a considerable amount of information. To this effort must be added remembering where was that idea or quote that promised to be useful. For these reasons, the Grenada Email List use of tools that help to sort the information found is considered necessary. One of these strategies is the summary. This is a text that presents the most important ideas of another. According to.

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Mires and Sole, the summary makes it possible Grenada Email List to differentiate useful information from that which must be discarded; Consequently, it constitutes an enormous help in organizing the information found in relation to the specific objectives Grenada Email List of the work being carried out (2007: 106). The summary, as a tool that rescues the most important of another text, must present certain characteristics in its preparation. First, a simple lexicon must be Grenada Email List used; thus the technical data of the reading will be better understood. Second, it must offer self-contained content, so it is suggested to group specific ideas into more general ones that contain them.

Grenada Email List
Grenada Email List

This would avoid consulting the original source Grenada Email List again, unless you want to find the details of that reading. Third, it is advisable to avoid any subjective comment; Nor should you add ideas that do not correspond to the original. Finally, this Grenada Email List type of text should try to be clear and precise. It is suggested, therefore, to build it in a short area, which allows it to be economical, but exact in order to be understandable. In this way, it seeks to Grenada Email List promote post-reading activity in the process of preparing a subsequent academic text based on different sources consulted. According to Diez, the summary is the result of a process of abstraction that enhances

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