something, give, have, to mention just a few that, Indonesia Email List far from providing accuracy in the use of terms, induce vagueness. Lexical ”(2018: 199). This difficulty has been identified in college and university students. Thus, Madrigal and Vargas, who Indonesia Email List cite Hach (1991) and Sánchez Arenado (2005), refer that it is usual to hear comments from teachers about the poverty of vocabulary presented by students (2016: 140). In this Indonesia Email List sense, the use of precise terms or the replacement of colloquial expressions, and a greater richness in vocabulary represent a challenge for students. Another difficulty is the limited repertoire they possess, which is why the.

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repetitive use of terms occurs. In other Indonesia Email List words, it refers to the use of unnecessary words to express a concept or idea already mentioned. This drawback has been pointed out by Montenegro when it states that “a tendency towards Indonesia Email List redundancy persists, by repeating common expressions, such as, Blood hemorrhage (She had blood hemorrhage) that, far from clarifying the message, makes it Indonesia Email List incomprehensible ”(2018: 198-199). As the author indicates, these constructions can affect the transmission of the message and alter the communicative process, but, in addition, they are far from the academic variety. As has been observed, the

Indonesia Email List
Indonesia Email List

most frequent difficulties during the Indonesia Email List academic writing process focus on the use of imprecise terms, colloquialisms and the use of redundancy due to the limited lexical variety. Each of these aspects is detailed below in order to Indonesia Email List recognize and avoid them. 1. Lexical imprecision In academic writing, the greatest possible property and precision should be sought. That is, the words must be appropriate according to the specific context of use. Some of the most frequent cases of lexical imprecision focus, for example, in terms Indonesia Email List such as thing , something , give , have or expressions such as is that , is when , is like . Examples “Based on the

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