Aleks Zarzycka is a junior SEO specialist at Onely. We discussed what excites her about SEO and how she got started in the industry. She wrote an in-depth article on the architecture of the site which I also wanted to discuss. We ended up covering a lot of topics, from his background in SEO and daily routine to working at Onely and helping our clients improve their websites. First of all, do you prefer to be called Aleksandra or Ola? In fact, you can call me Aleks! It may make more sense to English-speaking readers (laughs). I totally understand ! So many people are confused by Malgorzata and Gosia somehow being the same name. So how did you first get into SEO? I have several years of experience in the travel industry.

During One of My Previous Jobs I Started to Discover.

the importance of SEO and how it could help businesses. I’ve seen how creating valuable content and including it on your website can help meet people’s needs – it’s also a key part of site architecture. Improving the performance of a website can translate into increased revenue. So I started to Latvia Phone number analyze our data and explore the next steps the company should take, and eventually joined the SEO team. I joined Onely in January 2021, and here I am! How passionate are you about SEO exactly? I’m very passionate about it, but there are always new things to learn that aren’t necessarily easy! The more I learn about technical SEO.

The More Code I See Do You Consider Yourself a Coder.

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Laughs Maybe one day! But I’m not there yet. What are your favorite aspects of SEO? I would say market research; it was one of the first things that got me hooked on SEO and site architecture. For me, it’s those real-world, “human” elements of SEO. I love knowing what users want to see on websites and why and how we can make it easier for them to find relevant content. I can spend hours learning user intent and exploring the most appropriate ways to display information to meet customer needs.

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