,how much information and speed to consider Denmark Email List for the parts that have not yet been developed. That way, you will be able to express as many main ideas in the best way possible. A slow and orderly speech can generate more effective Denmark Email List and faster communication than a speedy but disorganized one. In sum, vocalization, volume, intonation, and pauses are extremely useful oral resources for making a good presentation. First Denmark Email List of all, vocalization facilitates oral comprehension of each word of speech. With it, you can contribute to the clarity of the entire exposition. Second, the volume, which should be kept high throughout.

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the presentation, will allow the audience to be Denmark Email List reached without interference. In this sense, it is preferred to maintain a powerful voice force so that each part of the speech is heard. Third, intonation contributes to the clear separation Denmark Email List between sections of the exhibit. Through it, the most important and interesting ideas of the exhibition are highlighted. In fourth place, the pauses order the presentation as they segment it and serve to Denmark Email List regulate the time of the presentation. With them, the speaker will have enough time to organize the ideas that continue within the speech and prepare the most important ideas. In this way, the four resources.

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mentioned here constitute crucial Denmark Email List characteristics for a clear, orderly presentation that effectively communicates the information of its content. Bibliography ESTRADA, Christian 2019 The voice in the classroom: volume, intonation, Denmark Email List vocalization, rhythm and silences. Teaching Support Materials Collection No. Before, during and after reading an academic text? Recommendations for effective reading Seen: 475 times When we first Denmark Email List face the reading of an academic text, it is common to encounter a series of difficulties. Perhaps the main one is not understanding the text read. This, of course, can frustrate students and even

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