campaign. You can define targeting rules for the Chile Email List campaign, and all messages within that campaign will be shown when the rules match. So you can create a campaign that will be shown on the homepage, and which will show an action bar Chile Email List at the beginning, a messenger after 5 seconds and a popup after 10. Ninja popups does not offer such flexibility because it’s only used for popups. In terms of scheduling, Ninja Popups lets you Chile Email List set a start date and an end date. It also allows you to set the amount of seconds before the popup shows up. Scheduling Rules – Ninja Popups Scheduling Rules – Ninja Popups Ice gram also offers.

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both these options, but in a slightly different Chile Email List manner. The reason for this different approach is because Ice gram is made of campaigns, and each campaign can contain multiple messages. So scheduling date range, is part of the Chile Email List campaign. Whereas display delay time is on a message. Scheduling Rules -Ice gram Scheduling Rules -Ice gram The time when the popup should show up while on a page, is setup under the Chile Email List campaign where all messages in the campaign are shown. Exit Popup – a popular way of winning back a losing lead Ninja Popup provides for exit popups. This means a popup will show when the user is about.

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to leave your page. Such popups have Chile Email List converted better than any other popups and this feature is very useful. Ice gram has a premium addon Behavior Triggers and Advanced Targeting which provides exit intent and a lot more Chile Email List powerful triggers. Exit Popup Settings – Ice gram Exit Popup Settings – Ice gram Cookies and Retargeting In Ninja Popups, you can set a cookie and decide how often a user should see a popup. Cookie Chile Email List Settings – Ninja Popups Cookie Settings – Ninja Popups Ice gram does this a bit differently. It makes the choice less difficult by giving a simplex checkbox that asks “Once shown do not show the message.

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