The 2018 russia soccer world cup has begun. And with it comes a wave of publications from .Brands,advertisers and the media seeking. To join the trend to be part of the event. For this the internet and social networks will. Become a “Second screen” globally. In this way twitter. Facebook instagram. Among other platforms. Can be a showcase for soccer fans who. Could not attend the event venue. Fortunately being able to see the 32 games that will be. Played in the most anticipated football. Competition of the year is easier since there are many. Specific apps to closely follow the world cup . In addition so that users, brands and any other. Sector wants to be part of the world cup.

one of the Most Important Events in the World

Fifa has foreseen the enormous amount.  Thailand WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists  Of information and all kinds of activity that will. Take place through social networks thanks to the trend. In which has converted the use. Of technology and mobile devices to develop all kinds of jobs. For this situation they have organized the official. Hashtags around russia 2018 to offe.R fans a way to get in touch and share impressions. In addition to knowing all kinds of comments. That are allusive to the competition.

We Are Kicking Off the 2018 Fifa World Cup Russia

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Of sports on a global level something that attracts hundreds .Of media and countless brands including apple. Joining with siri. We are kicking off the 2018 fifa world cup russia. One of the most important events in the world of sports on a global level. something that attracts hundreds of media and countless brands, even apple joins with siri. The personal assistant that works with apple’s. Artificial intelligence announced the incorporation. Of a series of novelties and functions that will. Seek to connect with users and the world cup. The cupertino company knows that russia 2018 will be. Followed by millions of people around the planet. Just this morning the hashtag #worldcuprussia2018. Accumulates more than 156 thousand tweets and is a global trend. Apple announced yesterday the arrival .Of information related to the world cup to siri in brazil.

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