The 2018 russia soccer world cup has. Begun and with it comes a wave of publications from brands. Advertisers and the media seeking. To join the trend to be part of the event. For this the internet and social networks.In like manner. Will become a “Second screen” globally. In this way twitter facebook, instagram.Among other platforms. Can be a showcase for soccer fans who. Could not attend the event venue. Fortunately being able to see th 32 games that will be played in the mos. Anticipated football competition of the year is easier.  Follow the world cup . In addition, so that users. Brands and any other sector wants to. Be part of the world cup.

These Hashtags Can Be Used in Any Social Network

Fifa has foreseen the enormous amount. Of information and all kinds of activity that. Will take place through social networks thanks to the trend.  Buy Fresh & Updated Singapore Business Fax Lists   In which has converted the use. Of technology and mobile .Devices to develop all kinds of jobs. For this situation, they have organized the official. Hashtags around russia 2018 to offer. Fans a way to get in touch and share impressions. In addition to knowing all kinds of comments that. Are alluding to the competition. By diversifying it, fifa promotes the trend in different.Coupled with. Languages ​​and proposes a general hashtag. Which in spanish would be #rusia2018. However hashtags like #worldcup. Or #worldcupfinal may get the most engagement.

Although They Have a Greater Emphasis

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On the twitter platform where it even has its own official emoticon . It is a fact that this microblogging platform. Being spontaneous will be the one that receives the most. Comments and opinions. Outside the general trend.In the first place.  Matches corresponding to the group stage. A situation that will be taken into account. To designate those that are alluding to the. Final stages of the competition. That is, for june 14, in the match. Corresponding to russia – saudi arabia. The hashtag #rusksa will be used. And so on for subsequent matches. As a matter of fact. In the case of mexico on june 17 the hashtag germany. – mexico #germex will be used june 23: south korea .– mexico #kormex june 27: mexico – sweden #mexswe.

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