RATING (DR) Rank these company blogs from Egypt Phone Numbers List the Ecuador Cell Phone Numbers List highest DR to lowest DR. Tip 1: Target those with a DR of 21-70. According to Ahrefs, this is the sweet spot.[*] ahrefs domain ranking categories Egypt Phone Numbers List Tip 2: Avoid competing websites. Target companies that complement your product or service. For the freelance SaaS writer, don’t guest post on a content marketplace’s blog. Opt for Egypt Phone Numbers List a web design or SEO agency. 3. FIND THEIR BEST CONTENT Use BuzzSumo to find the company’s most-shared article (Total Engagement) for the past year. social engagement result 4. CONTACT THE RIGHT PERSON Look for titles like content

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director, content strategist, or editor on LinkedIn to Egypt Phone Numbers List find their names. Locate their email addresses using free tools like Hunter.io. hunter.io homepage 5. REACH OUT AND ASK FOR A GUEST POST Mention this most shared article in Egypt Phone Numbers List your pitch and how your guest post complements it. “You’re reminding them of a topic that is already performing well, and that you could write them something similar (but better!) that resonates Egypt Phone Numbers List with their audience,” says Jack. How do you convince them that your guest post complements their most shared article? You start by identifying a gap. Say you’re an audience research expert looking to guest blog for a

Egypt Phone Numbers List
Egypt Phone Numbers List

workflow software startup. On BuzzSumo, you discover Egypt Phone Numbers List its most-shared content is a piece on content strategy. As you read this piece, you notice one of the points mentioned on customer research (a.k.a your expertise) is barely touched Egypt Phone Numbers List on. This is the gap. Here’s a template: Hey [Name], I read your post on [Topic], and Egypt Phone Numbers List would love to dig deeper into [Gap in post]: [Title of your guest post] [Explains why this “gap” is important in 1-2 lines] Does this sound like it would be a good fit for [Company’s blog]? Here are two writing clips for you to assess my style: [Title] on [Recognizable and relevant company

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