The patty lópez de la cerda trend has generated. Impressions on twitter accounts. According to tweetreach. Twitter recently became a platform flooded by the zague theme. Who became the main trend in social networks. After a video was leaked in which the former. Player of the eagles of america sees himself in front. Of a mirror with his parts intimates as protagonists. At the same time the name of his wife paola rojas. Immediately rose in the trends . However the latter did last for a few minutes. But the new twitter policy led to the zague and paola rojas. Now tv azteca is once again in the “Eye of the hurricane. Due to another sexual video scandal which is speculated. To have led to the dismissal of one of its main drivers. The driver patty lópez de la cerda was the protagonist. Of the leak of an explicit sexual video . networks.

Tv Azteca Is in the Eye of the Hurricane for the Sexual

Especially after the tricolor asked for support on social networks. 5 remote jobs with six-figure salaries but a ht that draws special.  lebanon email database   Attention is noerapenal after the referee decided. That the hand of the mexican javier “chicharito. Hernández was not a penalty. Giving a new meaning to the hashtag. The trend is reminiscent of what happened four years ago with the netherlands. When they scored a non-existent penalty. And now that they did not score one that did exist. All directly impacting mexico. The var did not exist 4 years ago but well. In this world cup the netherlands does not exist eithe it’s called karma.

Patty López De La Cerda Que Derivaría en Un Despido

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Noerapenal trend has generated impressions. On twitter accounts, according to tweetreach. Mexico faces sweden in a group stage match on the third day of the 2018 russia world cup. After their two wins: against germany and korea. That is why the digital conversation already revolves around the match. Especially because of the strategy that has gone viral on social networks since the beginning. Of the most important sports event in world soccer. The interest aroused by this meeting is felt on social networks. Where the hashtags related to the contest have quickly grown within the trends. This tweet supports mexico and mexico vs. Sweden are two of the main trends in this regard.

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