We did a redirect between two languages.So the migration is going well, the traffic is moving away from the second path. Just to clarify, c “is a projection between two subfolders or anything in the same domain. The thing I want to raise here is that we are not seeing any change in coverage metrics after almost three weeks of doing this redirect. No removal of valid pages, no increase in excluded pages due to redirects or anything like that. Should we be concerned about this?” “I don’t think there’s a set timeframe for this stuff to be seen. We crawl pages at a different speed on a website. And some pages we’ll crawl every day and other pages that we will re-crawl maybe once a month, or every few months.

So if the Content in Those Folders You Are Merging Is Content.

That is very rarely crawled, it will take a long time for that to be reflected. Whereas if it’s content that’s very actively crawled. Then you should see changes there, usually, I don’t know, a week or so. Index coverage report updates 13:25 when merging two subfolders. Traffic goes from one part of the site to Macedonia Phone number the other. Everything is fine, and we also see it in the log files. But we don’t see this in the coverage metrics. Are we worried this is a reporting bug or we have to wait all day?” john replied that. “The index coverage report is updated maybe twice a week. A lot of the reports in search console are once or twice a week.

So That’s Maybe Something That’s Just a Lag but if You See.

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the traffic is going to the right pages, if you look at the performance report and you see that kind of change, then I think that’s perfectly fine. I don’t think you need to pay attention to the Index Coverage report for something like that. Because what usually happens when you merge pages like this is that our systems have to first understand that we need to find a new canonical for these pages. So you take two pages, fold them into one.

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