This friday the brazilian team defeated. Its similar team from costa rica with great difficulty. By a score of 2-0 and, where again neymar was key. A situation that nike. Has been able to take advantage of to join the trend of russia 2018. This friday the brazilian soccer team defeated. With great difficulty its counterpart from. Costa rica by a score of 2-0 and, where again neymar was key. A situation that nike has taken advantage. Of to join the trend of russia 2018. And it is that the meeting between brazilians and costa ricans. Dominated the conversation on social networks.

Only on twitter labels like vamo brasil exceeded 102 thousand tweets

While the hashtags braxcrc and brasilganha.  Belarus WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists  Accumulated more than 54 thousand 800 and 589 thousand replicas. During almost the entire match there was uncertainty and nervousness. Because brazil could not defeat a strong costa rica. It was until philippe coutinho’s first goal arrived. At 91 that both the fans. As well as the media and sponsor brands of the south .American team breathed calm and. Everything took its course when. Neymar scored the second goal at minute 97. This served to make it work for nike to join the digital conversation. To celebrate neymar one of its main brand ambassadors.

Since a few hours ago he published a video on his social

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Networks starring the brazilian striker -this would not have served with a draw or defeat. Never forget your game. @neymarjr ⠀ believe. #justdoit — #nikefootball #nikesocce. The most recent figures on the most valuable. Soccer players on the market today were presented in a study carried. Out by the cies soccer observatory. They revealed that neymar does appear among the top three rungs, unlike cristiano ronaldo, 33, and messi.

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