generate referrals: A good rewards program Montenegro Email List should encourage customers to refer their friends and family. You can give away free rewards points when a customer refers a friend. TRY DIRECT MAIL MARKETING Similar to coupons Montenegro Email List and discounts, direct mail marketing is a great way to deliver a key message to your customer. Most direct mail services allow you to instantly import your customer list from your email provider and Montenegro Email List send out thousands of postcards, catalogs, or pamphlets automatically. There are many benefits of direct mail marketing for your business. These include: An increase in brand awareness of up to 70% more.

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than digital marketing.[*] A 28% increase in spending Montenegro Email List on your website.[*] 57% claim that receiving mail makes them feel more valued.[*] An immediate 79% action rate as opposed to 45% for email marketing.[*] Recently, I launched a postcard Montenegro Email List marketing campaign and achieved a 16.47X return on ad spend. Snail mail works! Postcard marketing campaign STEP 6: CROSS-SELL TO YOUR EXISTING CUSTOMERS Remember Montenegro Email List the handy spreadsheet you created in step 1? You’ll need it again. This time, go through it and sort your customers based on what products they bought. Then, come up a “related items” list that they

Montenegro Email List
Montenegro Email List

might be interested in and pitch these products to Montenegro Email List them in a friendly email. For example, our research shows that a customer who Montenegro Email List purchases dinner napkins from Bumblebee Linens is likely to buy cocktail and tea napkins. In addition, a customer who buys a handkerchief for a wedding has an extremely high likelihood of buying a handkerchief gift box. Using this information, we always cross-sell related products to customers who Montenegro Email List match this buying profile in our email post-purchase sequence. Bumblebee Linens STEP 7: SEND MORE EMAIL In addition to building relationships with your top customers by phone, you can also boost

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