Estimated at 3 thousand 286 million dollars.Registered during the last quarter of 2017. According to its financial report. As announced netflix premiered la balada. De hugo sánchez after the match between mexico .And germany at the 2018 world cup in russia. The assistant of the. Protagonist of club de cuervos.Salvador iglesias jr. Is one of the characters with the greatest. Engagement with the followers. Hugo sánchez (played by actor jesús zavala) has. Achieved such success that he stars in his own series. There are six chapters dedicated to the character. In “La balada de hugo sánchez.” and the marketing around the series has been impeccable.Relating it to club de cuervos of course. And recently promoting it in. Association with televisa. Chava iglesias has made appearances on.

La Jugada, Bringing Her Brand to National Television

Exposure that no brand dismisses.  Buy Philippines WhatsApp Numbers  Between 2013 and 2017 the transmission of national productions. On commercial open television increased 8 percent. During this last year movies occupied 8.4 percent of programming. Series 4.9 percent and soap operas 4.8 percent. Howeve, even with all these masterful moves. The timing seems to be wrong, as the digital conversation right now is focused on mexico’s historic triumph over germany. This is demonstrated by the figures tha.T show the interaction of the publications where the premiere is announced. Starting with the protagonist’s tweet. The timing in marketing is essential for the success of a product or service and of course the strategy. It only remains to wait for the numbers behind the reproductions to know if the moment was right or not. But so far.

Zinedin Zidane Chicharito Hernánde

Buy Philippines WhatsApp Numbers

Among others visa (with zlatan ibrahimović.And coca-cola already have their strategies active. But they are not the only ones. A large number of brands launch marketing. Actions and promotions during the time the matches are taking place. In order to be in tune with the trend. This is the case with the partial victory of the mexican. Team against the german team in their first match. At russia 2018, and the brands have joined. Here some examples.

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