Mexico managed to beat the german. Squad in their debut match by a goal by zero. A score that paints a promising future for. The national team during the remainder of russia 2018. Against all odds, mexico managed to beat the german team in their debut game by a goal of zero. A score that paints a promising future for the national team during the remainder of russia 2018. The fact in addition to making the nationa.L team brand grow -after a series of controversies.- is also a respite for the sponsoring firms that now see greater possibilities. Of capitalizing on their investment.

Thus the Celebrations in Social Networks

However these are not the only winners.  Buy Paraguay WhatsApp Numbers  So many other companies have found a way to capitalize. On the euphoria of the celebration in favor of their communication strategies. Such is the case of netflix, a firm that in a simpler way. Managed to generate conversation among its followers. While managing. To remember the name of two of its most recognized series. The tweet was simple “dark 0 – cuervos 1.A simple publication that generated more than 6.8 thousand likes and almost. 3 thousand retweets within minutes of its publication.

With the Other Parties That Are Missing, Looking at Them From

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The allusions are clear and consistent. If we consider the interesting promotion strategy that the. Video on demand platform has executed on the. Eve of the world cup to promote the spin-off. Of the mexican series club de cuervos. It is important to mention that this production called. La balada de hugo sánchez opens tonight. Dark 0 – ravens 1 – njune 17, 2018 other brands but netflix. Is ​​not the only brand that has joined the conversation. Being part of the celebration is a good strategy. To connect with the audience and generate empathy. With which there are many firms that have shown. Their support for the national team that today, for many, made history. Here some examples.

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