Working with campaigns under the pay.-per-click model is an effective way to achieve results. For online businesses according to information from blue corona. When it comes to ppc ads, the visitors that come through them. Are 50 percent more willing to buy compared to those who. Arrive organically. The advantage that it provides. Is not only in the probabilities of purchase. But also in the quantities because according to google, consumers who click on an ad before going. To the store spend up to 10 percent more, on average. . The benefits can be many and very interesting, however, uncertainty still exists. When managing ppc campaigns and this limits many online stores. Therefore we have decided to share here. Some of the most common myths that circulate about ppc.

Identified by a Study Carried Out by Semrush

Where 8 thousand online stores from 13 different industries .Worldwide were investigated. These are:in e-commerce there is a lot of budget .  Buy Senegal WhatsApp Numbers   According to the study carried out by semrush. 50 percent of online businesses allocate less than. A thousand dollars to the monthly budget for. Pay-per-click campaigns, the only exception being firms in th.E fashion sector where up to 50 thousand. You must work only with big. Discounts under the second myth it is said that firms always aim to manage large discounts. Within their advertisements. However the study denies this.Pointing out that the percentages of discounts that online stores work vary greatly depending on the industry. According to the data when it is about firms in the health sector.

The Most Common Percentage of Discount That

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Is handled is only 5 percent while in firms that work with books they can work up to 90 percent. Discount values ​​​​depend on the industry where the firm is located. Desktop devices are not worth it giving full priority to mobile. devices could be a mistake although. it is believed that no one is committed to taking ppc. campaign ads to desktop computers anymore, the data reveals that there are still more than. 26 percent of them that are sent to this pulled apart . All ads must have a cta although we already know that a call to action.

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