create [describe what your lead magnet Denmark Phone Number List covers in 2 to 3 sentences]. [Link]Click here to access the [lead magnet name] ⇒[Link] If you know anybody else who’ll find this useful, please forward the email to them. Let us know if you face any problems accessing the [lead magnet type] by replying to this email. We’ll get back to you ASAP and ensure Denmark Phone Number List you gain access to it immediately. Thank you, [Your signature] Here’s a good example of a lead magnet promotion email I received from HubSpot. example of a lead magnet promotion email that Denmark Phone Number List received from HubSpot This email starts with a persuasive subject line announcing their new eBook and its title. Next.

Your Biggest Asset – Customer Success Stories!

they open with a personalized “Hi” that includes Denmark Phone Number List my name, followed by an intro where they talk about the problem to get me more interested. After that, they tell me about the solution (the eBook), then finally ask me to get it by clicking on Denmark Phone Number List the button. Did you notice they placed “New eBook” in brackets to gather extra attention? Using brackets can increase open rates, as found by Joanna Wiebe of Copy Hackers.[*] Joanna tested the Denmark Phone Number List subject lines “startup Qs about landing pages + emails and “open startup Qs about landing pages + emails”. The former subject line got an open rate of 36.4% while the latter got 32%. In this case, the

Denmark Phone Number List
Denmark Phone Number List

“Copy hackers” branding helped. To see if using Denmark Phone Number List something like “new eBook” will help, you will need to conduct your own split test. 2. Lead magnet delivery email This is the email you send immediately after a new subscriber signs up for your lead magnet. Subject Line: Here’s your free [lead magnet type] Body: Hi [Name], I’m so glad you signed up Denmark Phone Number List for the [lead magnet name]. In this [lead magnet type], you’ll learn [describe what they will learn Denmark Phone Number List in the lead magnet]. [Link]Click Here to Gain Immediate access to [lead magnet name] ⇒[Link] If you’re unable to access it, just reply to this email and let me know. I will sort it out for you ASAP.

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