Role is that of an educator and indeed lifelong education. I found myself a few days ago in Fotosygkyria. What struck me was that in order to approach most of the exhibitions let alone be moved by them one would first have to consult texts explaining the author’s additions. Are we moving towards a purely cerebral picture I did not see the specific reports and cannot judge. But what you are touching on is in my opinion the main problem with today’s art. Especially photography since this is the medium of our time. Perhaps it stems from the necessity of two combined monsters of today’s life which are advertising and mass media. These two areas dominate our lives and like the oversimplification that characterizes labels and captions. Most of the times when we are faced with a contemporary work of art we see first the intention and the title and then the work.

The work works

Like an Illustration More Often Than. Not This Illustration is Simplistic and Not Complex. As is Interesting in a Work of Art. This Means This Since Most Artists Logo Designs Service Nowadays Come From Schools. That is to Say They Are Products of Teacher Training the Production. Chain of These Extraterrestrials is Multiplying. The Teacher Teaches Them and the Students Apply Them. With Zeal Since They Know That With Them They Can Become. Known and Possibly Sell. So the Abstract Power of Artistic Expression Has Been Signification. Have You Ever Felt Like You Wronged Someone. Who Came to Show You Their Work but I’m Not a Talent Scout.I don’t prejudge anyone’s future. I judge what they show me at that particular moment. I’ve had a photographer show me bad work that later turned out to be good. But he becomes good if at the right moment that is when you have to you give him wings.

Logo Designs Service

After all I consider people

Who seek severe criticism to be intelligent. Have you never gotten tired in all these years of continuous and passionate photography No. I get life from my contact DM Databases with people. The work I do would be unbearable if I couldn’t stand them. After all my start with Syros proves it. As for photography it’s a means for me to be in touch with the whole abstract part of art. It is the springboard that creates for me a very interesting communication with people. Do you think at all about the continuation of the FC after you Of course I’m thinking about her. Maybe I’ll build a foundation. But anyway for it to work someone with the same needs and the same anxiety as me would have to be found.

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