Athletes and elite teams and entities such as the gasol foundation. Its knowledge and practice has spread and consolidated in its 21 years of life throughout spain and other countries especially in europe and america. L’associació esportiva colpbol is the entity that manages Croatia phone number  and regulates this sport and develops its competitive side through the official colpbol league. Which brings together an annual participation of more than 5.000 athletes and the spanish colpbol championship that this year 2018 celebrates its second edition. Description and essence of colpbol colpbol in 1997 broke with the corsets of classic team sports. In essence. Colpbol is a collective sport of invasion. Played by two mixed teams of seven members. The

Objective of which is to introduce a ball into the opposing goal by hitting it with the hands. The technical basis of the game is hitting. The pedagogical foundations and originality of colpbol are based on the fact that it is a sport that encourages maximum cooperation Croatia phone number and participation regardless of the physical-motor level of its practitioners. Emphasizing the collective spirit through the basic rule that the ball can only be hit and. Above all. No player can never do it twice consecutively. With all that this entails at all levels. On the other hand. It was born as a mandatory and regulated mixed sport. Something truly transformative. And works for

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Real gender equality in the sports field. Breaking with the dichotomy of male versus female sports. Modalities or competitions. It is also an inclusive and integrating sport because its simplicity. Extreme fairness and the low initial technical requirement make it a sport for everyone. Very dynamic. Fluid and continuous game. With a high degree Croatia phone number of motor success among its practitioners and fun have made it a real alternative to traditional sports. Note that this alternative sport is already in its second national championship. Here is a video of the 1st colpbol national championship held in 2017 . Information extracted from: colpbol. An

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Inclusive and egalitarian sport» by juanjo bendicho (carena publishing house. 2010). A book-manual that contains an analysis of colpbol from a theoretical and conceptual point of view. Pedagogical bases. Formal and functional structure. Regulations . Technique. Croatia phone number Tactics. Didactic progressions and vocabulary. Illustrative video of colpbol datchball history of datchball the datchball is a sport born in primary school. Specifically in the diputación provincial de brea de aragón school (zaragoza) in 2006. Without knowing that there were other sports such as “dodgeball”. The physical education teacher along with his students were incorporating rules as the different game situations occurred.

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Always taking into account the principles of inclusion and co-education. In its beginnings. The objective was to create a warm-up game that would serve as an activation for the students and that would naturally motivate each and every one of them. Due to the outcry Croatia phone number and demand from all classes to continue playing this game. They incorporated it into recesses through tournaments. Throughout the first three years. The game was made known through physical education sessions in aragon and meetings between teachers. Where roberto navarro. The teacher who created the game. Shared it so that more teachers could check its pedagogical power. Over the years the success was increasing and the demand grew.

So in 2010 it was createdthe first datchball club in utebo (zaragoza) . Destination to which the teacher’s destiny was transferred. Through different projects together with the city council of this town. Workshops began to be held in the four schools. Highlighting the great Croatia phone number acceptance that it was having day by day. The first world tournament attracted more than 150 people to the utebo pavilion in 2011 and since then the increase in players and sports fans has not stopped. Currently having more than 60 schools and more than 1200 practitioners. The most important step happened in 2016 with the recognition by the government of aragon of all the work carried out up

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