The vertiginous growth and adoption. Of digital platforms and a trend towards connectivity. Through mobile devices has motivated consumers to demand. Business and commerce models that. Meet their consumption habits and needs. The vertiginous growth and adoption of digital. Platforms. And a trend towards connectivity. Through mobile. Devices has motivated consumer.S to demand business and commerce models that meet their consumption habits and needs. This has been reflected in advertising and marketing. Since the investment in digital has had an overwhelming. Growth in recent years only during 2017. The spending in these channels was approximately. 209 billion dollars worldwide.

According to data from magna

The research arm of ipg mediabrands. Buy Namibia WhatsApp Numbers  And everything indicates that this will not stop since mobile. Devices will continue to gain increasing relevance. To connect brands with audiences. So the projections dictate. According to the advertising expenditure forecast published. By zenith mobile advertising will represent 30.5 percent of the total. Investment worldwide by 2020 overwhelming if we consider. Last year this same item represented 19.2 percent. According to the consultancy only for that year it is estimated. That mobile advertising will represent. Around 187 billion dollars but beyond the amount that is what it will represent.

Since it will exceed the investment

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In digital advertising for desktop and the investment in television. This is important because we must remember that according. To a study carried out by verve, digital ads increase. Their potential engagement if they are designed to reach. Consumers through their mobile devices and. Especially if they are based on the interests and its geographical location. According to numbers based on a sample of 2,000 people surveyed in the uk.In the first place. This type of ad achieves twice the engagement compared to other generic mobile ads . So it will be key for brands to consider mobile within their marketing plans.

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