down and have a strategy before you go (such as Morocco WhatsApp Number List only sitting in on speakers your ideal client would be interested in). 6. CONTENT UPGRADES I LOVE content upgrades. I’ve used them to grow my email list from 1,000 to 4,000 in less Morocco WhatsApp Number List than six months. Screenshot of email list growth from content upgrades A content upgrade is just like it sounds — an upgrade to your content. If you have a blog, podcast, or YouTube channel, making an upgrade is easy. Here’s how it’s done: Find your top-performing content. Use Google Analytics Morocco WhatsApp Number List (or YouTube/podcast analytics) to find the content that has the highest reach or best engagement. Create a hyper-

Web Copywriting – Sell and Make Money Online

specific content upgrade for that piece of content. For Morocco WhatsApp Number List example, in my Ahrefs vs. SEMrush post, my upgrade is a quick-start guide to SEO.[*] Use Sumo’s List Builder to create a pop-up that offers your content upgrade to anyone who visits that Morocco WhatsApp Number List page on your site. Alternatively, if you don’t have a website, create a landing page for the upgrade using a tool like LeadPages and link to it from the video or podcast Morocco WhatsApp Number List description. But don’t forget to create a lead-nurturing drip campaign for anyone who signs up! That’s how you convert a lead into a customer. 7. AUTOMATED REFERRALS Referrals are the backbone of any good service business. They’re great because

Eight Steps to Becoming a Profitable Networker

it means your current customers are happy Morocco WhatsApp Number List enough with you to send their friends to you, and typically those friends are great fits because they’re coming from your best clients, so there’s built-in trust. You should ask every client of yours Morocco WhatsApp Number List for referrals at some point. However, it’s easy to forget this step and it’s easy to ask at the wrong time (such as before you’ve performed the work or gotten the results your client wants). That’s Morocco WhatsApp Number List where the automated part comes in. You should build referrals into your customer lifecycle automatically. This is easy enough to do — set up an automated email that goes out to your new clients after a month (or however long it

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